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29 May 2022
Two young women sit at a desk in a classroom, looking at watches

UNFPA trials innovative new menstrual watch with IMMI

Some 300 adolescent girls and young women across Burkina Faso and Moldova will trial IMMI Watch, the first digital watch to track a menstrual cycle without an app, in a new UNFPA partnership launched... Read more

26 May 2022
A woman in a medical lab coat opens a box of supplies

European Union steps up its support to UNFPA with €1.5 million to safeguard women and girls’ health and rights in Ukraine

UNITED NATIONS, New York – The European Commission has announced a €1.5 million contribution to UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, to ensure that women and girls in... Read more

10 May 2022
A father holds up several clothing options while his teenage daughter chooses which one to wear

5 Ways Men Can Step Up at Home

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, women spend 3 hours more per day on unpaid care work than men. Add paid work into the mix and many women are essentially pulling a “double shift” every day. During... Read more

10 May 2022
A woman stands in the shadows with two children, looking out a window

Ukraine crisis rooms, created for survivors of domestic violence, now house survivors of war

CHERNIVTSI/LUTSK, Ukraine – They are called “crisis rooms”: temporary accommodation for women and their children, with a kitchen, furniture, utensils and food, operated by local social welfare... Read more

10 May 2022
A man and woman work on their home with their two children

Family is teamwork: equality starts at home!

To mark this International Day of Families 2022, we are pleased to announce the launch of #FamilyTeamWork, a joint campaign of COFACE Families Europe and Men Engage Eastern Europe & Central Asia... Read more

26 April 2022

Mobile app powers population and housing census in Kyrgyzstan

“There was no need to carry bags, paper and pens,” said Kanat Sydykov, a 20-year-old student at Kyrgyz State University and census taker in Kyrgyzstan. “It is a census literally conducted on the tips... Read more

19 April 2022
Press Release

Women and girls in Ukraine and neighboring countries require urgent support

UNFPA appeals for $66 million as health and protection needs mount. UNITED NATIONS, New York, 19 April 2022 - Nearly two months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the war continues to cause terrifying... Read more

12 April 2022
An older woman in a tan sweater looks through a photo album

A 72-year-old refugee from Ukraine tells of a life left torn apart by war

MYKOLAIV, Ukraine – “There were explosions outside, it smelled of smoke. We were almost surrounded, planes were flying overhead. There was so much noise that I couldn’t hear myself speak. We decided... Read more

11 April 2022

Supporting adolescents as agents of change for gender equality

“My mother was not allowed to study,” said Aytan Fatullayeva, who is 14 years old, from Lerik, in south-east Azerbaijan. “If she had, things could have been very different for my family.” Aytan grew... Read more

8 April 2022

UNFPA calls for urgent action to protect the rights of women and girls affected by the war in Ukraine

Statement of UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem “UNFPA is alarmed and deeply concerned about ongoing reports of rape and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV) in Ukraine. UNFPA is... Read more