Volunteer Catalina Neghina shows her former teacher Elena Gobjila how to get online using her mobile phone.
Last year, retired teacher Elena Gobjila returned to the classroom. But this time, she was the student. Under the patient tutelage of Catalina Neghina, her own former student, the 74-year-old learned to use the Internet. "During my first lesson, I told her, Catalina, I taught you to hold a pen, now you have to help me learn all the secrets of the Internet’," said Ms. Gobjila. 
Red Cross volunteers discuss logistics at the mobile gynaecological clinic in Sveti Nikole municipality, North Macedonia
“Ever since a routine check-up at the mobile gynaecological clinic, I’ve been living a second life”, said Svetlana Milić, a 65 year-old housewife from Češinovo-Obleševo, a municipality in the eastern part of North Macedonia. Following her check-up, the doctor referred Ms. Milić for further examination where she was diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer.
A father kneels in the grass while playing with his three daughters
“One day, my little girl was given a task by the teacher to draw her dream,” said Gjergj Figuri, from Albania. “I asked her, “What is your dream?” and she said, “to go out for a walk with my family!”” Mr. Figuri is the...

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