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22 May 2020

Silent solutions available to quarantined survivors of domestic violence

KYIV, Ukraine – Oleksandra’s* ex-husband was waging a quiet war against her, she says, one that escalated under quarantine. She lives in the same apartment as her ex-husband and their two children. Sharing that space has always been fraught; she faced constant harassment, humiliation and physical abuse, she said. But after the

18 May 2020

Older people’s rights and dignity must be protected amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Alanna Armitage Across Europe, from Spain to Serbia, care homes for older people have become hotspots of COVID-19 infections. According to the World Health Organization, residents of long-term care facilities account for up to half of coronavirus deaths in Europe. Among all the heartbreaking statistics that tell the story of

13 May 2020

Expanding choices during and after the COVID-19 crisis through employer support to working parents

By: Tiina Bruno, Parentsmart Employers, Sweden The rapid transition of so many employees to working at home with their children due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought issues of balancing work and family to the top of the agenda like never before. For employers, the challenge of how to create engagement and a sense of


A technical brief on addressing older persons' specific needs within preparedness and...
Europe is the region with the world's largest proportion of older persons. Almost 1 in 4...

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