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A family in Kyrgyzstan

12 September 2018

Population dynamics and the SDGs: the importance of monitoring progress in the UNECE region

Understanding population dynamics is essential as societies around the world strive to achieve the ambitious and holistic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Taking a human-rights based approach – seeing the individual, their needs and potential – beyond the mere numbers of population trends is a fundamental part of this

10 September 2018

Confronting gender inequality and the masculinity crisis in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — Rigid, traditional views of gender roles in society and stereotypical ideas about masculinity and femininity are common among men in Ukraine, contributing to gender-based violence, unequal treatment for women, and poor mental and physical health outcomes for women and for men themselves, according to a ground-

Student Alenda Bakhtiarova in a classroom at Karajala Public School

5 September 2018

Young people in Georgia: ‘We are moving forward and not backwards’

KARAJALA, Georgia — “Girls can’t walk alone freely here; most of them don’t even own phones,” says Alenda Bakhtiarova, a 16-year-old student in the rural village of Karajala, a settlement in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti province populated mostly by ethnic Azerbaijanis. “Many young people can’t do what they want do,” Alenda laments


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