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30 June 2022
Olga rests with her new daughter after delivering her via caesarean section at the maternity hospital in Balti.

Ukrainian refugees in Moldova guaranteed access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services

KYIV, Ukraine – “I caught the last evacuation train out. The next day, the station was bombed.” Katya is still haunted by the very different turn her life could have taken. At seven months pregnant,... Read more

29 June 2022
Father’s Day in Kyiv. Photo: UNFPA Ukraine/Andrii Kriepkyh.

Father Schools promote good parenting in Eastern Europe

“At Father School, we learn what responsible parenting is,” said Ionat Chintea. “How to educate our children, and how we can combat gender stereotypes that ultimately can lead to violence.” Mr.... Read more

17 June 2022

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem When wars begin, so does the terror and devastation of sexual violence. The bodies of women and girls become battlefields. Rape is used as a... Read more

17 June 2022
A young father is sitting on a bench in a park in Moldova holding his baby

A young father discovers the joy of parenting as Moldova aims to extend paternity leave

“The joy of being a father starts with equal participation alongside the mother in taking care of the child.” Adrian Băluțel is 29 years old, the father of a four-month baby boy and a Member of... Read more

15 June 2022
An older person who works as a technician on airplanes.

Older people are the fastest growing age group in Europe. It’s time we recognize this as an opportunity

By Giulia Vallese Older people were a small minority only a few decades ago, but driven by increasing life expectancy and low fertility rates, their share of the population has been rising... Read more

14 June 2022
Two older women are sitting on a cart at a train station in Ukraine. A man is pushing the cart from behind.

Joint Statement on the Situation of Older Persons in Ukraine

Since the start of the war in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, we have witnessed a devastating escalation of violence which has resulted in the large-scale displacement of close to 14 million people—... Read more

10 June 2022
Ukrainian refugees receive psychosocial support in Moldova. © UNFPA/Siegfried Modola

Ukraine humanitarian response supported by data collaboration

LVIV, Ukraine/UNITED NATIONS, New York – When Viktoria Kravets, 17, woke up early on 24 February in her home in Ukraine, she knew something was terribly wrong. “I immediately saw a dozen... Read more

29 May 2022
Two young women sit at a desk in a classroom, looking at watches

UNFPA trials innovative new menstrual watch with IMMI

Some 300 adolescent girls and young women across Burkina Faso and Moldova will trial IMMI Watch, the first digital watch to track a menstrual cycle without an app, in a new UNFPA partnership launched... Read more

26 May 2022
A woman in a medical lab coat opens a box of supplies

European Union steps up its support to UNFPA with €1.5 million to safeguard women and girls’ health and rights in Ukraine

UNITED NATIONS, New York – The European Commission has announced a €1.5 million contribution to UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, to ensure that women and girls in... Read more

10 May 2022
A father holds up several clothing options while his teenage daughter chooses which one to wear

5 Ways Men Can Step Up at Home

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, women spend 3 hours more per day on unpaid care work than men. Add paid work into the mix and many women are essentially pulling a “double shift” every day. During... Read more