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UNFPA and UNICEF have developed this second edition of the Boys on the Move handbook for facilitators which targets older adolescent boys and young men and has been rolled out in Italy.

Boys on the Move works to provide potentially life-saving information and build competencies in boys and young men experiencing changing and challenging circumstances. The program is based on a non-formal curriculum designed for unaccompanied and separated male adolescents displaced by conflict, poverty or related causes. It is delivered over ten sessions that each address various issues that they face during their migration journeys, including topics such as sexuality education, money, emotions and managing healthy relationships.

For more information, see the Boys on the Move Brochure and the second edition of the Boys on the Move Participant Book.

The original Boys on the Move Facilitator Book (1st edition) and Boys on the Move Participant Book (1st edition) targetted younger adolescent boys and have been rolled out successfully in Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.