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17 November 2021
Press Release

Citing poor life quality, almost half of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina ponder emigration, UNFPA survey finds

SARAJEVO, 17 November 2021 – Nearly one in two young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or 47 percent, say they are thinking about leaving the country temporarily or permanently, according to a new... Read more

12 October 2021

New training aims to accelerate implementation of national sexual and reproductive health strategies

Istanbul/Ghent -- UNFPA, Ghent University and the Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy (ANSER) launched a comprehensive online training course on 4-8 October 2021.... Read more

11 October 2021

Girls work to make gender equality a reality

“I want to encourage communication about menstruation,” said Azra Komarica, a 19-year-old girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina. “It’s still a taboo topic.” Ms. Komarica is part of a mentorship based... Read more

27 September 2021
An older man and younger woman are pictured with the text "Kicking off a conversation about ageism in Europe & Central Asia"

Pervasive ageism is a major challenge in Europe: UN

BELGRADE, 27 September 2021 - One in three people in Europe, both young and old, reports having been a target of ageism, a phenomenon more pervasive than racism and sexism in this region, according... Read more

23 September 2021
Press Release

New partnership between UNFPA and ESC to advance sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights

Cairo/Istanbul/Brussels, 23 September 2021 - The United Nations Population Fund Arab States (UNFPA ASRO), and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Offices (UNFPA EECARO) launched a partnership... Read more

7 September 2021

Refugees with disabilities find hope in Turkey

ANKARA, TURKEY - Ryman, 43, from northern Syria, has been unable to walk ever since she was a small child. When the war in Syria started in 2011, life became even more difficult for her. In 2017—and... Read more

2 September 2021

Supporting male survivors of sexual violence among Syrian refugees in Turkey

“They told us that if we don't do what they want, they would rape us. I thought they would not do that, but they did,” said Amal. Amal is 31, married and has lived with his family in Turkey since... Read more

2 September 2021
Woman sitting on couch and smiling with a tablet in front of her

“There is nothing we cannot achieve as long as we have the right state of mind”

Populations are getting older across our region. This is, above all, a reason to celebrate: people live longer and healthier lives. There is a lot of potential in population ageing, for individuals... Read more

24 August 2021

Ageism webinar boosts media skills in Kazakhstan

A webinar for journalists in Kazakhstan on overcoming ageism in the media was held online on 26-27 July 2021. Over two dozen journalists from national print and digital media outlets, together with... Read more

23 August 2021

UNFPA boosts demographic capacity in Uzbekistan

A week-long summer school on "Demographic Opportunities: Assessment, Challenges and Prospects" brought together 25 national demographers of Uzbekistan and international experts on population and... Read more