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Population Situation Analysis: Georgia 2014

The Population Situation Analysis (PSA) in Georgia is a comprehensive report that provides an integrated appraisal of the population and reproductive health dynamics and their linkages and impacts on poverty, inequality and development. The study is based on sound methodology, involving a multi-sectoral team of national and international experts.

The PSA report describes the overall situation of the well-being of the people of Georgia, informing the entire spectrum of stakeholders on the progress and challenges in population and development field. The report presents information on the following key thematic areas: Population Dynamics and Development; Socio-Economic and Political context; Population size, Growth and Structure; Fertility and Family Planning; Health Systems and Service Delivery for Sexual and Reproductive Health; Maternal and Child Mortality; HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections; Changes in Age Structure; The Youth - Status and Prospects; Marriage and Family; Settlement Patterns and Population Mobility.