Forced/Early Marriage (FEM) Roadmap for Frontline Professionals (Summary)

No. of pages: 8

Publication date: February 2017

Author: Multiple

Publisher: ‘EU Roadmap’ for Referral Pathways on Forced/Early Marriage for Frontline Professionals

Forced and early marriage (FEM), contracted without the free and valid consent of one or both partners or before the age of 18, is internationally acknowledged as a violation of human rights and as a form of gender-based violence. The purpose of the EU FEM Roadmap is to provide frontline professionals with a guidance document to assist in the protection and support of (potential) victims of FEM.
This is an eight-page summary of the full EU FEM Roadmap, which was created by frontline professionals specialized in providing support to victims of FEM as a guidance document that compliments existing national guidelines and standard operating procedures at the organizational level.