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Increasing life expectancy, and declining mortality and fertility rates drive profound changes in the structure of populations. These changes have important implications, including a possibility to accelerate economic and social development, generating what is known as a Demographic Dividend.

A Demographic Dividend is the acceleration of sustainable development accomplished when declining fertility leads to an increase in the proportion of the population entering the labour force. If this young cohort is healthy, well-educated and empowered, and has a chance for decent work, they can accelerate economic growth and enlarge the scope for social investments.

The Demographic Dividend Atlas provides a visual snapshot of the current national status of development indicators that matter to a Demographic Dividend. It puts the data into perspective by displaying them alongside a set of indicators that allow deeper interpretation, as well as comparison to regional and global averages where available.

The indicators displayed speak to the three main areas of investment pertinent to the Demographic Dividend:

  • Empowerment
  • Education and skills development
  • Employment

The profiles in the Atlas are designed as tools facilitating citizens, policy makers, and civil society to track progress towards a Demographic Dividend, to identify national and sub-national needs, and to invest accordingly.