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Conference Report: Population Dynamics, Human Capital and Sustainable Development in South-East Europe

In order to raise awareness, among government institutions, non-government organisations and academia, on population trends and their impact on development in the South-East Europe, United Nations Population Funds collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and other UN agencies in the convening and organisation of the Regional Conference on Population Dynamics, Human Capital and Sustainable Development. The Conference has resulted in a set of conclusions that will guide governments and other stakeholders in the region in development of comprehensive population policies focused on human capital, gender equality and human rights, as well as strengthen cooperation on population dynamics and human capital development among the countries/territories with partners in the region.

In addition, the Conference has served as a prelude to marking the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and its Programme of Action which set out to empower women and girls for their sake, and for the benefit of their families, communities and nations.