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Entre Nous no. 76 is a special issue produced with technical and financial support of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office of UNFPA. This issue is dedicated to the complex phenomenon of child marriage and its relationship to sexual and reproductive health in the WHO European Region. Child marriage and childbearing affect girls’ physical and psychological health. Girls are not only at risk of early and unwanted pregnancies, but the complications associated with pregnancy and child birth are among the leading causes of death for girls aged 15 –19 worldwide. It also limits her future opportunities. If a girl is married before she completes her education, her chances of finding employment and achieving a career are limited. This contributes to the cycle of poverty that often leads to the continuation of child marriage. In addition to raising awareness about the complexity of the practice, this special issue also highlights the importance of working at all levels of society to empower men, women, girls and boys throughout their lifecycle to decrease all types of inequities that lead to and are a result of child marriage and, by doing so, ultimately, improve health for all.