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In Photos: Strengthening the Father-Child Bond
  • In Georgia, where few men take paternity leave, EU 4 Gender Equality supports father’s schools where men learn about prenatal visits and infant care.

  • In Belarus, as part of a virtual photo exhibition for Father’s Day, photographer Dina Ermolenko captured images of her husband and son. The exhibition aimed to promote involved fatherhood and make parenting a significant value for both parents.

  • Armenians decide what the Father Rabbit and Mother Rabbit should do in the puppet show "Race for Carrots". Should dads only hunt for carrots? Should mums only do housework? Or, are there other ways to divide responsibilities in a family?

  • “What is aggression?” asks a post on a Facebook group for fathers in Ukraine. Ukrainian dads go to Tatothub Father’s Clubs to learn techniques for handling childhood issues.

  • In Georgia, author Dato Gorgiladze wrote the story “Luna & the Planet of Fireflies” to promote men’s involvement in childcare and family responsibilities. MenCare, an EU4GE partner, leads father-child events such as painting workshops and storytelling.

  • In Moldova, EU4GE supported a painting workshop for fathers and their children. After the session, adults discussed positive parenting techniques that emphasize learning over punishment, and prioritize a child’s need for connection and respect.

  • Father’s Clubs held a musical flashmob in ten cities across Ukraine to celebrate International Family Day. Together with their children, dads played drums, horns, and other instruments.

  • In Azerbaijan, the awareness-raising campaign “My Father Loves Me” encouraged dads to send in photos of their children and become more active in their lives.

  • In Moldova, fathers learned how to bake bread as part of sessions to overcome gender stereotypes.

  • In Moldova, Alexandru Negură, a father of four, is an active member of his local Father’s Club. About 200 fathers participate every month in nine father’s clubs created in the Moldovan districts of Straseni and Falesti.

  • To overturn gender stereotypes in Ukraine, EU 4 Gender Equality supports father’s club activities that men can do with their kids, like cookie-baking.

  • Supported by EU4GE, “Family Corners” in Armenia bring couples together to talk about parenting skills and the equitable distribution of household responsibilities.

  • 114 baby boys are born for every 100 girls in Azerbaijan, and couples may feel pressure to have a son. An EU4GE partner asked dads to tell the world why they love having a daughter. Hundreds responded on Facebook.