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Photographer Dina Oganova's 'Girls from the Future' project
  • “There are lots of challenges in engineering: robotics, artificial intelligence, the colonization of Mars… I’ll probably go in for something of this sort.” —Anastasia Iosebadze, age 16, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “At first I wanted to become a chef, now I want to be a designer of houses and dresses.” —Nina Orjonikidze, age 11, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I’m interested in many different fields: human rights, law, international relations… I’m learning English, Russian, French and Chinese. I don’t want to have a family until I attain my goals.” —Mariam Gedenidze, age 15, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I’ll have a family after I’m 24. Until then I have to study.” —Nita Mikeladze, age 10, from Kutaisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I dream about many things. In 10 years, I’ll be at university, and I want to be either a reporter or a chemist. Plus, I will probably have many friends.” —Salome Sanaia, age 10, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I want to first have my own business and only then have a family. I wish to travel all over the world.” —Lizi Dumbadze, age 16, from Batumi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “My dream is to study well and become a good doctor. How do I picture my life 10 years from now? I won’t have a family yet, I’ll sit for the exams at the medical institute and think about becoming a singer.” —Khatia Beridze, age 10, from Sagarejo, Kakheti

  • “I want to become a lawyer. I like justice and hate injustice and want to defend people.” —Tekla Khachidze, age 12, from Gori. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I want to have a good house and a horse and a dog in the future. I will care for my children and decorate their rooms myself. I draw often and may make animated cartoons when I grow up.” —Mariam Markhvashvili, age 10, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “My future house will be beautiful, with two stories. I'll live in Gori and work for the police. Girls can be police officers too.” —Khatia Taboshvili, age 10, from Shavshvebi village, Gori Municipality. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I picture my future life to be good. I like to dance and I hope I’ll be successful at it; I also want to become a dance teacher.” —Lizi Charkviani, age 13, from Tetritskaro. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova

  • “I don’t really want to picture the future; it’s more interesting when something you never imagined happens. I may go away to study and then come back to help Georgia develop.” —Ruska Karkashadze, age 14, from Tbilisi. ©UNFPA/Dina Oganova