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Photo gallery: Dads and daughters in Azerbaijan
  • “My sweet, sweet angel. How happy we were when we learned on ultrasound that our first child would be a girl. My prayers were answered. When I'm tired from work, to regain my energy, my girl is like my power bank.”

  • “My daughter and I want to paint the world. We started our dream by painting the walls of our house.”

  • “This is the first tree we planted with my daughter. She trusts me a lot and believes that we will soon see the fruit of the tree that we planted together.”

  • “The biggest success in my daughter's life is that she, just like me, opens the cover of my mobile phone with her cheek. She is very similar to me.”

  • “[What] makes me happy is my daughter's interest in education. She will... be able to stand on her own two feet. I will always be there to shadow her and support her.”

  • “To be the father of a girl is not something to be ashamed of, it is PERFECT.”

  • “My daughter and I love to take pictures together, and in this picture we were taking photographs in the bosom of nature.”

  • “If this continues, then in our house, the last word will always be with my daughter.”

  • “My greatest success is my daughter and I will do my best for her success.”

  • “She is my friend and my confidante. She is 12 years old and, like me, she loves books. She draws beautiful pictures, plays the piano and she is very curious. I am proud of her. She is my smile, my sun.”

  • “I have two daughters. If my God gives me more, I will only be glad and never say enough!”

  • “My 6 month old daughter's biggest success is having a father who is happy and grateful to have a daughter.”

  • “Her greatest success was coming to this world as a girl!”