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UNFPA’s office in Kosovo marked the International Day of Families on 15 May by providing basic health care services in the capital, Prishtina.

More than 300 citizens of all ages made use of the opportunity to consult family medicine doctors and undergo free medical check-ups in two tents that were set up in Prishtina’s main square.

The purpose of the event was to promote inter-generational solidarity and the family medicine concept, which puts emphasis on the provision of comprehensive primary health care to all members of a family on a continuing basis regardless of age or sex and takes into account the family unit and a life cycle approach.

In Kosovo traditions of mutual support and solidarity among generations remains strong, with grandparents providing daily care for their grandchildren and young people supporting older members of the family.

Information about the purpose of the event was widely disseminated through newspapers and radio and TV programmes, as well as a roundtable with participants from the Ministry of Helath, Insitute of Public Health, Municipality of Prishtina, and the Center for Development of Family Medicine.