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Istanbul/Ghent -- UNFPA, Ghent University and the Academic Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policy (ANSER) launched a comprehensive online training course on 4-8 October 2021.

The course aims to accelerate the implementation of national sexual and reproductive health and rights strategies and action plans in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

“This course has had a regional focus, but the expertise has truly been global; we have had over 20 experts from 15 different institutions from all over the world teaching during the course,” said ANSER coordinator from Ghent University, Emilie Peeters.

A diverse group of practitioners, researchers and programme officers from 12 countries in the region took part in workshops and discussions on policy monitoring tools, research methodologies and service delivery provision.

“Great efforts have been made in advancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights agenda in our region,” said UNFPA Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Alanna Armitage at the launch. “However, with current challenges, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that we make sure our efforts and programmes are well-adapted to meet these challenges. This joint ANSER -UNFPA fall class is a great example of how we work to enhance capacity in our region to ensure that we are able to meet these challenges.”

The course modules were developed by the ANSER network and focus on linking research and academia with concrete tools and policies that participants can use in their everyday work when developing and implementing impact-oriented strategies and programmes.

“We started the planning of this course with ANSER immediately after the Nairobi Summit,” said UNFPA Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health Adviser, Tamar Khomasuridze. “To accelerate the progress in sexual and reproductive health policy implementation by strengthening national capacities and building triangular cooperation networks among UNFPA, ANSER and the countries of the region.  I am happy that this concept has been realized so successfully.”


ANSER is an international research platform that fosters interaction and knowledge-sharing between academics and policymakers. The members engage in cutting-edge joint research projects, weigh-in on current policy debates and host innovative training programmes. As a global resource for SRHR policy research, education and service delivery ANSER helps build evidence-based policies that support sexual and reproductive rights for everyone, everywhere.