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Let's talk about stigma and women's health
  • Supermodel-philanthropist Natalia Vodianova hosted a UNFPA- and Elbi-organized event in Belarus on breaking down stigma and taboos. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • Panelist Alexandra Chichikova being crowned the first Miss Wheelchair World in 2017.

  • "The presumption of competence should be applied to all people with disabilities," said photographer Eduard Kluisha. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • The "Let's Talk" forum in Minsk. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • UNFPA Assistant Representative Elena Kasko introduced the panelists. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • "I can have children, but it will be challenging: health clinics and gynaecologists are often not accessible for people in wheelchairs," said panelist Alexandra Chichikova, Miss Wheelchair World 2017. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • The "Let's Talk" forum in Minsk. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • Supermodel-philanthropist Natalia Vodianova with panelists. Photo: Timon Afinsky

  • Panelist Vasily Pavlikov has Down syndrome and works as a waiter at the Renaissance Minsk Hotel. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • "Taboos on reproductive health originate in families, starting with shame around using the proper words for genitals. I dream of having good quality sexuality education in schools," said Anastasiya Kamysh, Y-PEER volunteer. Photo: UNFPA Belarus

  • UNFPA Regional Director Alanna Armitage delivered the closing remarks for the event. Photo: Timon Afinsky

  • "We will not vanish. We will continue talking about these issues and will move forward together," UNFPA Regional Director Alanna Armitage said in her closing remarks. Photo: UNFPA Belarus