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Young people need opportunities to build their future. We have to invest in young people if we are to address demographic change successfully. The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn this into stark relief. When young people can see that there is a future and that their career goals are reachable, they stay, build families and contribute to the societies where they live. Fulfilling the rights of young people will be of paramount concern in the decades ahead.

In this session, the panel will examine what we know about the aspirations and anxieties of young people. We will look at the changes in lifestyles and family aspirations that affect the demographic future of societies. And we will discuss what can be done to give younger people greater opportunities and confidence in the future and why this matters to everyone.


Milan Savic, State Secretary for Youth and Sport, Serbia
Dr. Rolf Schmachtenberg, Permanent State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Germany
Oleksandr Yarema, State Secretary, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Revaz Charkviani, Youth Agency, Georgia
Samat Nasirdinov, National Statistics Committee, Kyrgyzstan
Zaritsa Dinkova, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria
Yana Panfilova, Teenergizer, Ukraine
Shukurgeldi Muratov, YPeer, Turkmenistan
Afshan Khan, Regional Director, UNICEF Europe and Central Asia


Ville Majamaa, former Vice-President of European Youth Forum
Amb. Lachezara Stoeva, Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the UN