Cover of publication shows a female healthcare worker. The title "Midwifery Education" is shown.
Technical Reports and Document
The report Midwifery Education in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is based on the findings of two assessments – one on the quality of midwifery education and the other on the degree to which competencies relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights are included in midwifery curricula – that were conducted following the publication of the 2022 report The State of the Midwifery Workforce in Eastern Europe and...
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Press Release
Istanbul - UNFPA and amma.pregnancy tracker, a popular application for pregnant women and their families, agreed to extend their successful partnership bringing quality reproductive health information to the app’s users. The amma.pregnancy tracker provides over 800 educational articles on reproductive health, pregnancy and the baby care period. The heart of the application is its content, meticulously created by an...
Group of health care workers in a hospital room gather around to observe a woman having an ultrasound
According to the latest official figures, 919 people in Azerbaijan were infected with HIV in 2023, and around 7 per cent of them were pregnant women. But there are now treatments and procedures that limit the likelihood of the virus being transmitted to the child. In November 2023, Aynishan Hasanova, 27, visited the Lankaran Regional Perinatal Centre to give birth. “The doctor told me the child could be protected...

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