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12 November 2018

Ensuring the right to health education in Moldova

CAHUL, Moldova — On a typical day, teacher Ludmila Culidobri may lead her ninth-grade class in a debate on whether images in the media create unhealthy standards of beauty, or a discussion of how their own adolescent bodies are changing. “When my students leave school, they may forget the math or chemistry formulas they

5 October 2018

Member States reconfirm commitment to ICPD agenda

GENEVA — United Nations Member States from across Europe, North America and Central Asia reconfirmed their commitment to implementing the Programme of Action adopted at the landmark International Conference on...

1 October 2018

Review of population dynamics in UNECE region calls for increased efforts to ensure human rights, including reproductive rights, and gender equality across life course

Increased investments in individual capabilities and more efforts on ensuring human rights, including reproductive rights, and gender equality throughout the life course are needed to respond to the population dynamics affecting the broader European region. This is the conclusion of a report launched today as countries of the



Dispeling some common myths and misconceptions about population decline and population...
The Power of Choice: Reproductive rights and the demographic transition Not so long ago...

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