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22 March 2019

‘We expect respect’ say migrants and refugees

Bihac/Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – “We still risk our lives,” said Hatidza*, a 26-year-old migrant transiting through Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Last time when we tried to pass the border, you could see the footsteps of wolves and bears. Some migrants and refugees were killed by bears. By now we have tried three times to

7 March 2019

New UNFPA-supported survey reveals violence against women in Eastern Europe

A new report launched in Brussels on 6 March 2019 gives a detailed picture of the physical, sexual and psychological violence many women and girls have had to endure in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

18 January 2019

Don’t blame the clothes! Exhibition in Moldova fights stereotypes about sexual violence

CHIȘINĂU, Moldova — A school uniform. A pair of pyjamas. Work slacks and a blouse. These are just some of the clothes that women and girls in Moldova were wearing when they were sexually assaulted, abused or harassed. An exhibition of ten such outfits, accompanied by the stories of the survivors, aimed to combat stereotypes



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