Colorful card reading "Cringe + Gender = Gringe"
A video campaign to fight gender stereotypes went viral in Ukraine, reaching almost 6 million young people on the popular video-sharing service TikTok, among other platforms. The No More Gringe campaign, which combined...
CHISINAU, Moldova – The number of unplanned births could increase in Moldova as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, new research suggests. The UNFPA-supported research— The Impact of COVID-19 on Fertility behaviour and I...
A graphic with the words It's About People, Not Numbers
The focus on birth rates misses the point, writes Alanna Armitage on today’s World Population Day. What matters is building countries where people want to stay, live and have families. The COVID-19 pandemic may have acc...

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Young Innovators Internship Program in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (YIIP-EECA)

31 December 2021
Shaping today’s innovators, developing tomorrow’s leaders! Do you have the drive to lead change to achieve rights and...