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10 August 2018

Global ‘Generations and Gender’ survey to be carried out in Moldova

CHISINAU, Moldova — A three-year programme of demographic analysis and research activities focused on family and gender issues will be carried out in the Republic of Moldova under a co-financing agreement signed this week by UNFPA and the Moldovan Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection. The Generations and Gender

Dr. Hadel Bakjaje

8 August 2018

Exile wreaks havoc on refugees’ sexual and reproductive health

ŞANLIURFA, Turkey – Refugee women and girls face extraordinary hardships. They endure grave risks and often brutal violence, and many are thrust into poverty. But they can also face another, more intimate, hardship, one that is seldom discussed – the effects of exile on their sexual and reproductive health.  Some 475,000 Syrian

6 August 2018

Early motherhood puts girls at risk in the Republic of Moldova

CIMISLIA, the Republic of Moldova – Maria* gave birth to her first child when she was 16, an age when most of her peers were graduating from secondary school. Today, at 22 years old, she has three daughters. “People who meet me for the first time don’t believe that I have three children. They think that they are my little


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