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10 April 2019

For two girls in Moldova, different opportunities mean diverging paths

REZINA/CIMIȘLIA, Moldova — At age 17, Ana-Maria Odobescu is active at school and as a volunteer, helping other adolescents learn about healthy lifestyles. With her parents’ support, she is excited about going to college after she graduates from high school. “I think all young women should trust themselves and build their future

10 April 2019

Better contraceptive choices, better chances in life in Bosnia and Herzegovina

MALO CAJNO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Married at 15, Mediha Besic first became a mother at 16. Now 35, she has five children, ranging in age from 4 to 19. Part of a marginalized Roma community in a rural area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she and her husband find themselves too poor to purchase modern contraception, relying instead

10 April 2019

Young people living with HIV push for change in Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine — Dany Stolbunov, now 20, admired and trusted his doctor in Ukraine enough to confide in him that he wanted to go to medical school. He hoped for affirmation of his dreams. Instead, he met rejection. “You can’t be a doctor,” his doctor said. “You have HIV.” Born with HIV, Stolbunov learned he had the virus at age



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