Dr. Tomris Türmen, one of the participants at the landmark 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development, speaks about what Cairo means to her, as the region gears up for a high-level conference in Geneva on 1-2 July 2013 to review progress since Cairo and agree on priorities for the future.


Who Are Those Mothers


UNFPA Turkey - Child marriage


Early and continuous contact between mother and child is now encouraged, even in the incubator unit, where babies born prematurely or with health complications were being closely monitored by staff. Mothers came in regularly for feeding and bonding sessions with their babies, before being returned to their incubators.

With a high maternal mortality rate, the Tajik Government has identified maternal health as a priority area. It has applied a strategic plan for expanding services, advocacy and provision of essential medical equipment, with support from the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA.


We were standing in the play area set aside for the children of women inmates of Penitentiary #7 in Rusca, Moldova. The women's wing at this prison has just undergone a major face-lift, with furniture and electrical appliances supplied by the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA. The open play area outside is a bonus not often seen in prisons in this eastern European country.


UNFPA Tajikistan - Gender equality


Anna's story is typical of the plight of so many women in this Eastern European country. Her first husband began abusing her, and she eventually escaped the relationship to take up with a second partner, who turned out to be even more violent. In despair she turned to the Ariadna Center in the city of Drochia, where she found help.


From the teenagers' mild amusement and even embarrassed giggles, it was clear this was a first for all of them. Divided into two groups at this centre in Drochia, Moldova, one half of the class had been given the task of drawing the female sexual organ. The other half were drawing their version of the male organ.

This session had begun with an explanation of sexually transmitted diseases with charts and posters at the front of the class. Later would come interactive games, aimed at engaging the adolescents brought together here. As a valuable lesson in their sexual and reproductive health, it is something they could not get anywhere else in Moldova right now.


In Tajikistan, Gulnora's independence in family planning decision-taking, is sadly in the minority in this mountainous country where conservative views hold sway in the more distant rural areas.
The United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, is working with its partners in Government to change that and gradually, they are having an impact.


Raising awareness of cervical cancer in Bosnia and Herzegovina