Ukrainian athlete Olena Akopyan’s story of motherhood demonstrates the importance of reproductive rights for all.


The story of a young couple from Ukraine, TV presenter Ulyana Pcholkina and her husband, Vitaliy, demonstrates the importance of reproductive rights for all.


Most schools in Eastern Europe and Central Asia still don't offer comprehensive sexuality education. Advocates across the region can use this new video to make their case.

To request a copy of the video file, please email eecaro@unfpa.org.


Top athletes from Azerbaijan demonstrate how men can help empower girls and promote gender equality.


Young people from across Europe came together in Sofia in April 2018 to finalise the European Youth Goals, representing Europe's youth voice on policymaking, at the European Youth Conference. UNFPA partnered with the Government of Bulgaria to host the event and facilitated the participation of 12 young people from Eastern Europe. UNFPA also organised a consultation with participants to ensure that youth voices are reflected in the regional ICPD@25 review.


Quality sexuality education is still rarely offered in schools in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In this video, parents and teachers make a powerful case for why comprehensive sexuality education should be part of the standard curriculum.


In Moldova, a first period can be an uncomfortable and difficult experience. Even today this is a taboo subject for many to discuss. UNFPA is trying to help change this. A donation of just $5 helps youth educator Miheala and others like her to provide more young girls with access to good-quality information about menstruation, puberty and their rights. Download the new Elbi app from this link and tap the LoveButton to help make this happen! https://v2.elbi.com/share/83gJ7--4T8-6b6FM7lt-erfIehZ9eG/84DAy--AjxkqnJShzxJkeEZAuubRa8

Produced by UNFPA and UNICEF, this video looks at the close links between intimate partner violence and violence against children, which share a number of common causes and factors, and must be addressed together.

One in three women in Belarus experiences physical or sexual violence from her partner. The shelter Radislava provides safety & support to survivors. Download the innovative Elbi app from this link and tap the LoveButton to help make Radislava's work possible! https://bit.ly/2qjplZY


A brief introduction to a new programming toolkit produced by IPPF European Network and UNFPA EECARO to help public-health officials and health workers in our region address the rights and needs of young key populations when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.

Download the programming toolkit here: "Health, Rights and Well-Being"