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Mother with her newborn daughter in Albania

26 July 2017

Helping mothers deliver safely in Albania

SHKODËR, Albania ­— Health-care professionals at regional maternity hospitals in Albania are taking a hard look at how they handle cases of severe complications in pregnancy and childbirth, drawing on input from multi-disciplinary teams of doctors, nurses and midwives. And doctors say adopting this kind of analysis of “near-

24 July 2017

Family planning and healthy lifestyles in focus on World Population Day

ISTANBUL — Canoeing, hiking and nights around the campfire are staples of the summer-camp experience. But another activity proved equally popular with adolescent campers in the Geok Dere mountains outside of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: learning about sexual and reproductive health. “The campers were very enthusiastic and asked a

Members of the Inter-religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 July 2017

Faith leaders denounce stigmatization of sexual-violence survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO — For many of the uncounted survivors of sexual violence during the 1992–1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the trauma they suffered is compounded to this day by the stigma they still face in their own families and communities. “Whenever I go to get my state aid, my next-door neighbour asks me if that’s the aid for


Daddy, Read to Me!
Daddy, Read to Me!
Maya and modern contraceptives
Maya and modern contraceptives
Sports and gender equality
Sports and gender equality
Let's change the story - How we can end violence against women in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Let's change the story
Moldovans speak out about ageing
Moldovans speak out about ageing


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