Ensuring reproductive rights for all


14 May 2018

Fifty years ago, it became official: Family planning is a human right

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Fifty years ago, on 13 May, the world declared family planning to be a basic human right. Throughout all of human history, efforts to plan, avoid or delay pregnancy had been a private struggle endured by women and girls. But at the 1968 International Conference on Human Rights, family planning became

9 May 2018

A ‘gynaecologist at my fingertips’ for millions of smartphone users

ISTANBUL – Having the popular period-tracker app and women’s health platform Flo on a smartphone is “like having a gynaecologist at my fingertips”, one user raves in online reviews of the app. Flo “is great for keeping track of your period and learning things you might be too shy/awkward to talk about”, says another. Millions

4 May 2018

Helping medical professionals step up to the challenge of preventing cervical cancer

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Each year, some 300 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which has one of the highest incidence rates of the disease in all of Europe. Though cervical cancer is largely preventable, many countries in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region struggle to


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