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22 November 2017

A story of gender-based violence

Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive human rights abuse in the world, affecting every country and community.

Youth peer educator Marjo Rabiaj

20 November 2017

Sexuality education without fear or shame for young people in Albania

BALLSH, Albania – It’s not always easy talking to young people about sexual and reproductive health in the classroom. “Whenever a question about our bodies was raised in biology class, there was laughter and whispering; some students turned red and others giggled,” says Marjo Rabiaj, 17, of Ballsh, a small town in southern

17 October 2017

Breaking taboos around reproductive health for rural youth in Georgia

TBILISI, Georgia — Like many other girls from rural villages in Georgia, Elene* didn’t learn much about her reproductive health as an adolescent. The only topic her mother discussed with her was menstruation. Before she married at age 16, Elene had never visited a gynaecologist, and her husband was the first person to tell her


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