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19 February 2015

UNFPA Armenia presents results and future plans to stakeholders

YEREVAN - The UNFPA Armenia Country Office held a stakeholder meeting 18 February 2015 at which the UNFPA Armenia 2010-2015 Country Programme Evaluation Report and the UNFPA Armenia 2016-2020 Country Programme were presented and discussed.

13 February 2015

Child marriage: 'Worse than a nightmare'

ISTANBUL, Turkey – “It was a nightmare. Maybe even worse than a nightmare.” That is how Beyza,* 19, described her experience of marrying at the age of 13.

11 February 2015

Taking action to promote gender equality in Turkmenistan

ASHGABAT – Traditional views of their role in society have often kept women in Turkmenistan from experiencing the equal rights promised by the country’s laws.

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