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20 April 2018

Real men do chores too: Engaging dads to combat gender inequality

ISTANBUL, Turkey — The idea of a workshop to teach men how to iron clothes was initially greeted with skepticism, if not outright mockery, by Aleksandar Grujic’s male peers in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. “But afterwards, when they had learned some new tips and tricks, they realized how useful it can be, and how

Rima, a Syrian refugee now working as a health mediator in Turkey

6 April 2018

Syrian refugee women get ‘second chance in life’ as health mediators in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey — When Amira* was 14 years old and growing up in Syria, she agreed to marry a man she didn’t love to fulfil her dying mother’s wish to witness her daughter’s wedding day. But once they were married, Amira’s husband kept her from visiting her mother and her other family members. Then he began to beat her. The

Two actors perform a scene from the forum theater play ‘Ruža’

30 March 2018

Depicting life for Roma girls on stage to combat early marriage in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Growing up in poverty, Ruža felt trapped and betrayed when her brother arranged for her to be married off to an older man at the age of 15, forcing her to drop out of school. Stories like this one — the plot of a new forum theater play — are all too common among real girls in the Roma


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