Donna was born in Uzbekistan in 1994, the year 179 countries opened a new chapter in the way we look at population issues at the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo. Today, almost 25 years later, Donna speaks about the progress made in improving the lives of people in our region, and the challenges that still lie ahead. #ICPD25


Challenges faced by older people, and the contributions they can make to society, are too often overlooked. “Don’t close your eyes - make older people visible,” says Tatiana Gregor Brzobohatá, #SDGs ambassador & former Miss World. #AgeingEqual #IDOP2018


Forum of the Central Asian countries to discuss the role of youth in building peace in the region (UN Security Council Resolution 2250). Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 22-23 May 2018. 


The story of a young couple from Ukraine, TV presenter Ulyana Pcholkina and her husband, Vitaliy, demonstrates the importance of reproductive rights for all.


Ukrainian athlete Olena Akopyan’s story of motherhood demonstrates the importance of reproductive rights for all.


Miss Europe 2012 Maryana Llukhanova and her husband, athlete Oleksandr Llukhanov, talk about the birth of their daughter and raising a child. Their story demonstrates the importance of reproductive rights for all.


Social worker Yuliya Resenchuk and her husband, Vadym, talk about the challenges they face in Ukraine as prospective parents, underlining the importance of reproductive rights for all.


Most schools in Eastern Europe and Central Asia still don't offer comprehensive sexuality education. Advocates across the region can use this new video to make their case.

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Top athletes from Azerbaijan demonstrate how men can help empower girls and promote gender equality.


Young people from across Europe came together in Sofia in April 2018 to finalise the European Youth Goals, representing Europe's youth voice on policymaking, at the European Youth Conference. UNFPA partnered with the Government of Bulgaria to host the event and facilitated the participation of 12 young people from Eastern Europe. UNFPA also organised a consultation with participants to ensure that youth voices are reflected in the regional ICPD@25 review.