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UNFPA Demographic Resilience Programme for Europe and Central Asia

A new regional programme helps countries respond to challenges related to demographic change – and harness the opportunities that also come with it.

Many countries in Europe and Central Asia face rapid demographic change: people have fewer children and live longer, and many leave their countries to look for opportunities elsewhere. Societies are growing older and, in many cases, are getting smaller, especially in Eastern Europe where low fertility rates are compounded by high levels of outward migration. 

UNFPA’s Demographic Resilience programme assists countries in the region with strengthening their capacity to understand and anticipate the population dynamics they are experiencing, and ensure they have the skills, tools, political will and public support to manage them. In this way, countries can mitigate potentially negative effects for individuals, societies, economies and the environment, and harness the opportunities that come with demographic change for people, prosperity and the planet.




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