Multi-sectoral response to GBV

An effective and coordinated way to protect and empower GBV victims/survivors

No. of pages: 128

Publication date: 2015

Author: UNFPA EECARO / East European Institute for Reproductive Health

Publisher: UNFPA EECARO / East European Institute for Reproductive Health


The challenges raised by the gender-based violence (GBV) phenomenon are insurmountable through isolated approaches, when different actors act alone and not connected to the others. The special need of the response to GBV have already established concepts, principles and norms that stipulates cooperative behaviours and attitudes which integrate and organize the specific actions in an solution generating framework which is intended to be an exhaustive one.

This document explores the concept of multi-sectoral response to GBV with the aim to support the inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary intervention and referral actions by establishing a common methodological framework for the relevant actors, especially for professionals who work directly with GBV victims/survivors. Not limited to this, the document represents a guide for policy makers, stakeholders and service providers in developing or strengthening the existing programmes or initiatives that address GBV.

This document is complementary to standards, procedures and guidelines that are in place which regulates the activities that address GBV and effective coordination mechanisms.